Wednesday, 31 October 2012

 In need of some down time...
I had decided this week that I needed to ground myself as I had been doing too much over last 2 weeks with hospital days and classes at Hidden Creek. So the plan was to rest and only go out for 2 afternoons that way I could do some work in the garden but the sudden heat put pay to that. I also think a quiet couple of weeks may be more appropriate. But this does not stop the planning I have decided that November is all about Christmas, gifts, decos and such. Some of these items will fully make it to the blog but others will have to be mystery shots as these will be gifts for my girls. I am not sure if secret Santa snooping will lead them to the blog, but just in case. Despite busy times recently I have still managed to squeeze in some sewing, so here are some pics of what's been going on.

A friend of mine had recently got some new scissors and asked me to make her a cover for them out of my scrap, I had no pattern so just decided to make it up as I went along and then made myself one.

Pat's favourite colour is purple

           Grandpa's little treasures has got a couple more blocks done.

Oh my he's missing his face.

               My sampler quilt is getting bigger with addition of blocks.

More mini chocolate cupcakes went out into the world via DD21 as she had finished her hospital placement for her uni course and these were a thank you to the great staff for having her and all of their support and help.


  1. I saw the scissor holder in real life today--it's great! and Pat seems really happy with it.

  2. well done (who needs a pattern right? just wing it :P looks awsome