Friday, 26 October 2012

Screen printing........ Why not have a go?

Today once again I was at Hidden Creek Neighbourhood House ( my home away from home) having a go at screen printing. Our instructors are brilliant and very, very, very patient. First we learn to cut our own stencils by hand, this can be a slow process depending on how fussy or creative you want to be. Last time I hand cut a tree and enjoyed it but this time I wanted to concentrate on the printing side as I had forgotten almost everything I learned before. So I chose a simple teapot da dahhhh....

Hand cut stencil
I like to use -ve and +ve parts of stencils

A stencil I cut on my cricut at home before going

Never know which is -ve or +ve part

Now here are some of the prints I made today some are just on calico to practise ( I need alot of practise) and maybe these will find their way into pot holders I think, we are always looking for one. Others are on tea towels, I am very happy with the end results seen I am just a rookie.


  1. Looks great--your teapot with hearts is my favourite.

  2. looks like so much fun they all look great but the bird is my fav :P