Monday, 22 October 2012

Not much sewing done Sunday, however........

Baking that's another thing. DD13 was baking and decorating cakes for her year 8 fundraising stall being held Monday as part of their humanities class. Class members came up with ideas to raise money and then presented different charities they thought were worthy. Part of the criteria was that it was to be a smaller charity that does not get much focus and is solely dependent on donations. The Red Kite Foundation won out in the end. Here is what DD13 made to sell for $2 each 40 cakes all up went to school. 

Then as there was extra mix over minnis were made and DD21 decorated them and took them to her part time job for Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

Just a bit more loving in the world.


  1. they look great ... hope they tasted good x

    1. Yes, everyone very happy, flavours were chocolate of course and the very popular raspberry swirl.

  2. wow they look great........well done

  3. They look great--more beauty and yummies and loving in the world is just what we need!