Thursday, 11 October 2012

Where did the week go?

I can not believe that it has been a week since I last wrote, won't let that happen again. We had a few decent days so I have been trying to catch up on my vegie plot, finishing a new flannel quilt for DD13 to take to camp next week and some block swaps.

Here is the lastest quilt "striptease". I had put it into the dryer.... yes that's right the dryer so that it goes all raggety. After a couple of hours I thought it must be finished by now I opened the dryer.... it's gone. How can it possibly open the door and hop out mmmm..... maybe another seniors moment where did I put it? No, somebody has taken it who could that be? Did not have to go far to find it's new owner already giving it a test run.

About 2 months ago at about 3am whilst I was pondering my bedroom ceiling I started thinking about how to keep the snails out of my strawberries this year one thing led to another and I had this idea of a self watering strawberry tower constructed out of bibs and bobs such as below. Well I have finally built it, now I just have to see if it works, stay tuned. Check out In the garden page for end result.

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  1. I wish you luck with the strawberries ... ths slugs and snails ate the whole of my garden this year!! Even climbed up the wall into my hanging baskets!! Maybe you will do better xx