Soooo.... over this heat, just like everyone else

Yep, the heat makes us cranky sometimes because it makes our life just a bit more challenging due to our health issues, but oh well we're happy to be here and most days can get out of bed. Well my DD22 is struggling with that, but this to will pass. Yesterday we decided that we would go to the movies in a desperate bid to keep cool, DD14 chose movie, so off we went to see Silver Linings Playbook with our free movie tickets. It was great, highly recommend it, thought provoking and laughed alot out loud as usual.

Prior to this I have been trying out some new cards, as I have been a bit slack on this for sometime. So here are a few.

Screen printing........ Why not have a go?

Today once again I was at Hidden Creek Neighbourhood House ( my home away from home) having a go at screen printing. Our instructors are brilliant and very, very, very patient. First we learn to cut our own stencils by hand, this can be a slow process depending on how fussy or creative you want to be. Last time I hand cut a tree and enjoyed it but this time I wanted to concentrate on the printing side as I had forgotten almost everything I learned before. So I chose a simple teapot da dahhhh....

Hand cut stencil
I like to use -ve and +ve parts of stencils

A stencil I cut on my cricut at home before going
Never know which is -ve or +ve part

Now here are some of the prints I made today some are just on calico to practise ( I need alot of practise) and maybe these will find their way into pot holders I think, we are always looking for one. Others are on tea towels, I am very happy with the end results seen I am just a rookie.

Remember my oversized quilt buttons......?

Well today's class I underglazed them, yes I know they are somewhat loud/ bright, this a learning curve so it will be interesting to see how they turn out. I was also thinking that when I get the quilt button sizes right maybe I could put them on my quilt cards and then the recipient could then take button off card and use it on a quilt. What do you think?
Next week Christmas decorations, have to get my thinking cap on for that. 

Absolutely Fabulous

Today I attended my local Hidden Creek Community House to participate in a ceramic pendant making class. But of course I did not want to make a pendant I wanted to make oversized quilt buttons. This was soooo..... much fun it was hard to contain myself I was much quieter than normal due to the fact that my mind was a whirl of new possibilities. I had taken some of DD21 stamps ( don't tell her ) to try just to see if they could be use, yep sure can. Here are some of the buttons I made today this is only half, but I was so excited of the possibilties that I forgot to take more photos at the end. Next week we will be glazing and starting on some Christmas ornaments, because guess what we decided to continue each Thursday, YEAH!

On a more serene note in the morning I made DD21 a new Minnie Mouse bookmark as requested and enjoyed one of my climbing roses first blooms.

A couple more quilt cards

Here is another quilt card

Here is the card I sent Tanya my block swap partner for October it was inspired by the block I made her.

Bunnies in a basket

These poor bunnies can't go anywhere because they are waiting to have their faces made up and be dressed, the other sad thing is that there normally is more heads than bodies in the basket, but I took the stray heads out before I took the photo it looked to weird.

Lately I have been trying my hand at making cards that reflect a quilting theme, bare with me I am a beginner and hopefully with some more you tubing I will develop better skills and therefore better cards.

This was a request from DD21, can you please make me a valentines cards for Mr Lovely with cows on it? So here it is.............

Hi there,
              I am trying to give you an idea of some of the items i like to make. My girls like their cards to co-ordinate and reflect something about their birthdays especially special birthdays. So hopefully below you will see two cards that reflect what special shoes my girls received or were wearing on their birthdays. The 21st card also reflects the colour theme of DD's party. I have only just started to dabble in papercraft so hopefully i will develop alot more skills as i go along.

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  1. Your button are beaut!!!!!
    Love Lesley