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Strawberry tower - self watering

About 2 months ago at about 3am whilst I was pondering my bedroom ceiling I started thinking about how to keep the snails out of my strawberries this year one thing led to another and i had this idea of a self watering strawberry tower constructed out of bibs and bobs such as below. Well I have finally built now i just have to see if it works, stay tuned. 

Well I planted some new flowers today

I have been playing around with some old plates and wishing stones trying my hand at some flower type thingys. I had seen some images floating around on the net so I thought I'll have a go at that. Well I think I am happy with the end result. In the next couple of weeks I might try painting onto the plates to see how that looks.

All planted up

Today it was finely a lovely day here in Melbourne and I thought that I might sow some seeds in the bed that my feathered girls and I prepared the other day. As you will see I had to put the fence around the bed as my girls were keen to help again, but they would rather eat the seeds than plant them. Around the teepee I sowed scarlet runner beans, across the back wire frames are peas and cucumbers, throughout the rest of the bed is silverbeet, corn, beans, carrots, beetroot, 3 broccoli and onions.

They say that many hands, feathers and feet make light work. Yep that is true, earlier this week I was preparing a new bed in the vegetable plot and I had the help of our ever trusty feathered friends. They have no fear of me wheeling the garden fork I have more fear of injuring them. However their antics and hard work get the hard work completed in good company....After all their hard work DD comes along to give them a thank you pat or as we call it the "chicken massage".
Thanks Girls.

I was also hopeful of the blossom on our pear tree and dream of having pears this year and also look forward to a bounty of nashi, if the blossom is anything to go by.

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  1. i want to cuddle ur chickens :) spring is in the air at ur place how is the tower of starwberrys going ?? x