Block swaps

I have recently joined some block swaps so this page will be dedicated to the blocks that I send and recieve. This has been so exciting I have had great fun making blocks for others and the anticipation and delight when I receive blocks I can not tell you. Now all I have to do is to dream of and plan the quilts/ items I will make with these blocks.

To Helen 12" March 2013 ( Helen did not want her blocks joined)

There has been a whole lot of comings and goings over the past few months, I have not been able to keep up with labelling but here are some blocks, enjoy.

12" Blocks

Fron Sue 12" Mid Month swap October 2012

To Sue 12" Mid Month Swap October 2012

From Tanya 12" October 2012

To Tanya 12" October 2012

To Anna 6" October 2012

To Robyn 12" September 2012

From Robyn- 12" September 2012

From Leena- 6" August 2012

To Leena- 6" August 2012

From Anne 12" August 2012

From Anne 12" August 2012

To Anne- 12" August 2012

To Anne 12" August 2012

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