Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Mmmmm.........What will I be doing with these?

Last Thursday I spoke with Sue Bennet from Miss Sampson Drapery re some more flannel. I had bought a bundle of bright flannels at the Mad Quilters thingy in Melbourne and made a striptease quilt which DD21 promptly claimed before it was finished. Hence DD13 now requests same quilt different colours to take on school camp 2 weeks time ( no pressure what else do I have to do, so true ). So asked Sue if she would put together some chocolates and pinks. No problem said sue I will have them in to Swan Hill to post today......Well guess what arrived on our doorstep 10am next day, a beautiful selection of flannels as requested. DD13 was very, very please with the colours Sue had put together and her prompt service. Take a look. 

Interesting collection of pieces, wonder what is going on here? Clue I am a member of The Quilt Show, always looking to try something new.

1 comment:

  1. love the fabrics...very pretty.
    Looking forward to see what you do.
    Hugs Tanya