Thursday, 18 October 2012

Absolutely Fabulous

Today I attended my local Hidden Creek Community House to participate in a ceramic pendant making class. But of course I did not want to make a pendant I wanted to make oversized quilt buttons. This was soooo..... much fun it was hard to contain myself I was much quieter than normal due to the fact that my mind was a whirl of new possibilities. I had taken some of DD21 stamps ( don't tell her ) to try just to see if they could be use, yep sure can. Here are some of the buttons I made today this is only half, but I was so excited of the possibilties that I forgot to take more photos at the end. Next week we will be glazing and starting on some Christmas ornaments, because guess what we decided to continue each Thursday, YEAH!

On a more serene note in the morning I made DD21 a new Minnie Mouse bookmark as requested and enjoyed one of my climbing roses first blooms.

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