Friday, 11 January 2013

2013 The year of being frugal

Reuse, recycle, repurpose or make do.

Hi everybody, I hope that each of you and your families had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Sorry that it has been a while since I last posted but I had some health issues to deal with...but anyway back on deck and now I have some glasses YEAH !!!!! can finally see again. Whilst I was having some down time I reflected on my crafting and decided that like everyone I needed to tighten my purse strings and find more frugal ways of doing things. When you multi craft and have daughters who also dabble the cost and supplies can get quite out of hand..... so we have a plan.
We decided to keep a tally of costs and to only purchase what we need rather than what we want, well we all know that is how it should be but..........
Some of the guide rules are as follows:
  • only buy goods when they are on sale, so yes this will mean a bit of planning and forward thinking
  • we must use what we currently have in our stash 
  • no purchasing of magazines for the next 12 months..... oh heavens this one stresses me out the most, but I will just need to go through all the ones I have
  • we must find the most cost effective ways of doing craft projects
  • we are allowed 4 comfort buys a year ( one for each season) to spend on any item full price or not
  • we must try not to stress out about the rules
  • new rules can be added at any time
I would love to hear ways that each of you have saved money crafting please share them.

I will let you know I had already done some forward planning, I requested gift cards for my favourite craft shops for Christmas so these do not count but I will be applying the same rules to stretch my craft dollars.

We have just come back from a weeks camping holiday at Lorne where we had a great time being with friends. We go with DD's BF's family and neighbours and it's lovely. Lots of time to rest, do hand work, squiding, lying on the beach and playing beach cricket, this years holiday was the best I have had in a long time ( and to think I didn't want to go because I was too tired). it was just what the doctor ordered.
DD's catching a wave
DD now 14 at Teddy's Lookout
DD's just drifting
 DD14 at Erskine Falls
DD21's BF doing his best "merman" impersonation.

I would also like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Eyeza who turned 30 while we were away,
Lot's of love from the Girls and I.

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