Saturday, 26 January 2013

Frugal seems to be on everyones mind

Well it seems that frugal is a hot topic at the moment, maybe due to the economic state of the universe, every second person seems to be thinking about it or acting upon it. Simple is another word that seems to go hand in hand with frugal. Whilst chatting to our coordinator at our neighbourhood house this week simplifying life was her mission for 2013. This chat made me think of how I had slowed down my production/ work on my creative projects and had become more engaged with it, in the thoughts behind my work, but especially the rhythm. I am enjoying and savouring the rhythm of stitching whether by hand or machine or using sewing needle or knitting needles. I feel this has come about purely as a result of not purchasing one project after another, not acting on whim and having to really think and plan what I am doing to maintain my goal of being frugal. So already I have discovered a very big plus from being frugal and simplifying my craft life. Along my journey another word keeps popping in to my minds space and that is nurture, so nurturing is being added to the mix. Nurturing myself, my family and my home, stay tuned on that front. I feel that being absorbed in the rhythm of my stitching is already nurturing my soul, that has to be a great start.

Slowing things down and really looking at life must get added to the mix. I was at my craft group for the first time this year, we had been given the new program and everyone was watching me read it. When suddenly after someone made a comment I truely looked at it and the cover and there to my delight were some of the buttons I had made in clay class. Everybody laughed when I finally realised, talk about not seeing the forest for the trees.

Did you notice the new back drop in photo? Well for the past week DD14 and I have been crawling around her room laying these new floating floorboards, no easy feat I can tell you. It took us quite abit longer than the average Joe Blow as we have to adapt how to do things because of physical limitations but we got there in the end. We are very happy with our first attempt. DD14 is now moving back into her room, already it looks like a young teenager's room instead of the little girl's room that it was. 
Sad but lovely at the same time.


  1. Good to see the new Neighbourhood House program with your clay buttons and well done on the floating floor--they look great!

  2. Hi Maxine...thanks for the comment on my blog about OPAM.....I could not reply as it looks like you are set up as a no-reply blogger.....we would love for you to join us ...please send me an email with your details...

    1. So Sorry Peg, had no idea then I had to try and fix issue, still learning hopefully all is good now.