Thursday, 28 February 2013

Has anybody seen February? It's gone.....

Oh my I do not know where February went, I will just have to start over again. It had taken me a while to get into our craftroom this month mainly due to DD22. When DD22 gets in the creative mood and works in there it becomes a snow dome even though she finished her creation the room is not the same, will need to address that. DD22 was creating a wedding canvas as a gift for her friends, can not show finished item yet as it has not been given. I think it is beginning its journey to Adelaide via Warnambool this weekend, stay tuned.
Due the heat I have not been able to do too much but I have been watching some online tutorials one being Thread Art on Craftsy and here is my first creation from that.

I also made myself a skirt

 On Valentines Day DD22 got a bunch of lovely coloured tulips ( her favourites ) from BF, they got even more beautiful as they opened. We also decided to have chicken schnitzels for tea so off to our local butcher who cut chicken breasts into schnitzels for me. How lovely heart shaped schnitzels for Valentines Day. YEAH!!!

Oh yes there was also some more cupcakes by DD22, beautiful and they flew off to her work

Well that is about all for now, Bye!


  1. The thread art looks wonderful... and yummy cup cakes too! Gorgeous butterfly!!! :)

    1. Thanks Cheryll, it was my first go at thread art and free motion stitching very happy with my attempt, currently working on another project along the same lines