Friday, 11 January 2013

Sooo....... excited it's hilarious

Well my year of being frugal is off to a great start. I had been hanging on to a $10 club points reward voucher from Lincraft for so long it was about to expire. I have also joined to do Leah Day's quilt along this year and needed about 1 meter front and back for the project, I had already bought black homespun for another as yet unstarted project and did not really want to take from that project. Whilst out shopping with DDs tonight I noticed Lincraft had a half price sale, so in I trotted to have a look. Well seen it is half price I'll buy the 2 metres and 1 more for good measure ( you like that oldie ) and I had better use that voucher. So the girl cut my homespun then put through the voucher and then told me it would cost me 47 cents then rounded to 45 cents. Yep that's right 3 meters of black homespun for 45 cents. Gotta be happy with that. When my girls found me I was doing my happy dance.


  1. Love it! That's 15 cents per metre--yay! By the way, I'm having a studio clean out. So if there's some fabric you're after please let me know and I'll see if I can help out. I desperately need to free up some space.

    1. Thanks Chiara, bright colours all very welcome at my place plus anything you feel may be useful in the neighbourhood house project I have in mind for Hidden Creek like the one you co-ordinated for Sussex. I may also be looking for baby quilt fabric for a charity project just waiting to find out if it's a goer or not.

  2. Fantastic! Wouldn't it be great if that was the regular price for fabric!